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If you know me, you know how much I love songs and the best part of songs is sharing them with others. But at this point and for everyone’s sake, we got to just stay home, so there won’t be shows for quite some time. I will be producing some small canvases. I have always been inspired by the Group of Seven and mostly Tom Thomson’s small works. The size to spirit ratio really captures me.


I make my home up here in the majestic wind-torn hills of Blackfoot Country on the Great Northern Plains of Southern Alberta. The beauty is unparalleled and It is truly beyond words. I will do my best to capture that and share it with you with these small canvases.


I was going to wait for a gallery show but that is up in the air so I am putting them up for sale

as I build them, daily, weekly or as inspired. I want to keep them affordable and keep myself busy. Every purchase includes a $50 donation to a food bank. Always needed and maybe more so as our world turns a bit sideways.


Each piece comes with an authentication and a personal note of appreciation. I am hoping these pieces will bring some light to the world, carry me through this strange global economic pause and stand as a solid reminder of your brave generosity and illuminate the kind of person you have been during one of the weirdest times in modern human history.


Thank You for being part of the Hope Machine!!!

Contact for purchase and shipping information.


Scroll down - click the works

for more Information.

These are small untreated canvases hand-built with paint and natural fibres that will degrade over time. They are created with the idea that all life shifts and nothing

is permanent. Thanks for the support.

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