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Origin: Calgary AB

Genre: Roots, Folk, Americana

Years Active: 1999 - Present

Label: Oldman River Music

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If you’ve never heard of Dave McCann, you are probably not alone. He should be famous. The problem is, he's never been fueled by fame or the rad stage veneer so essential to catching light in the superficial cloud of today's music world. He’s pushed it all aside to work on songs, well-honed songs.

Raised in Peterborough Ontario singer songwriter Dave McCann rolled West and landed in Calgary, Alberta during the first Alt-Country inclination of the late 1990’s. He founded Dave McCann and the Ten Toed Frogs and released a string of critically acclaimed projects. In 2009 he followed the road South to East Nashville to with his record with Lij Shaw and Americana guitar icon and producer Will Kimbrough (Shemeka Copeland, Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, Todd Snider). The resulting work “Dixiebluebird” was an inspiring benchmark release for Dave McCann and the Firehearts. After close to two decades Dave McCann has locked himself firmly into hearts and minds of the Alberta music scene as one of the best untold singer songwriters working in contemporary roots music.

His newest effort “Westbound ’til Light” is no exception. This is an unyielding collection of songs, story songs, train songs, disaster songs, and message songs - all informed by some aspect of North American folklore. It’s definitive roots music, steeped in Dave’s unique vision and story based narrative. The project features the new and longtime members of Dave’s band the Firehearts, solo captures, as well as contributions by Peterborough, Ontario’s Mayhemingways. 

Quotes - Westbound Til Light

"McCann is possibly one of the best untold singer-songwriters working in contemporary

roots music."


"Sounds like The Band with a little more prairie imbued inside."    



"McCann is possibly one of the best untold singer-songwriters working in contemporary roots music."

 -FM Gazette

"Sounds like The Band with a little more prairie imbued inside."    



"It’s remarkable how powerful one man can be. Dave McCann’s voice and passion draw you in until there is only you and Dave."

- Jackie Bourgaize - GH Concerts

"Handbuilt Americana and Scorching Southern Rock that channels some James Gang Twang - Dixiebluebird holds fire true in a world of trend chasing replicators"             

- Americana Reviews - The Netherlands

"Invokes the spirit of early Whiskeytown and a Twangier Wilco. As far as Canadian roots music goes "Dixiebluebird" is a strong candidate for album of the year."         

- Leeroy Stagger - Artsbridge Magazine


"Motorhead-meets-Merle Haggard- Rocks like some Crackling 70s Outlaw Classic and would be top forty in a saner universe"

- Richard Thornley (Penguin Eggs Magazine) Canada


"A Canadian who delivers honest hillbilly music that's more country than much of the pasturized schlock coming out of major-label Music Row these days."

-Clay Steakley (Performing Songwriter Magazine) Nashville Tennessee


"The perfect antidote to the plastic world in which most of us live."

- Michael Mee (NetRhythms Roots Press) London UK



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